Workshop in Bartlhaus, Austria

Black & Illuminated
15. - 17. July 2022  

(with sparklings - working with monoline, dry brush and all kinds of gold)

Black is beautiful and forgiving background as it allows us to create artworks with the colors that pop out of the paper with great contrasts and radiance. Well, this time we will concentrate only on the black on black and all the grey shades in between. And the top one - white. We will use brushes and colored pencils (greys and white) in order to create depth and 3D effects. In the end, we will search for accent colors in order to make your works shine – literally! We will be exploring the combinations of the different kinds of golden colors and gold leaves on the black surfaces. Through exploring smaller sample pieces you will be encouraged to do some beautiful illuminated pieces that you will be surely proud of!

The workshop is open to ALL LEVELS

PRICE: 170 €

VENUE: Bartlhaus, Austria

Here in this beautiful venue the summer Calligraphy workshop by Loredana Zega will take place from 15. - 17. July 2022  

The Bartlhaus Calligraphy and Local Heritage Museum was officially opened in Pettenbach, in the Upper Austrian Alm valley in May 1992.
Pettenbach is the only municipality in Austria to boast a museum that deals with calligraphy and bookplate art. A dedicated promotional society, on the initiative of the founders Leopold Feichtinger, Prof. Friedrich Neugebauer and Dr. Ottmar Premstaller, created this cultural attraction with support of public and private funds. Temporary personal exhibitions present works from domestic and foreign calligraphy and bookplate artists and open up this special art form to a wider audience.

Schedule of the Black and Illuminated workshop:

​Friday 1​6​.00 - 19.00
Saturday ​9​.00 - 17.00
Sunday 10.00 - 13.00