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Zoom Workshops

I like to connect with people personally - with each and everyone ... 
... giving  You time to ask questions during the class,
helping You to go through exercises and getting an instant feedback.

Therefore I keep my workshops small - up to 15 people.

All workshop's topics will be recorded separately as SHORT videos  (up-loaded the next day)
and will be available till a week after the workshop ends.

One can also attend only by watching the videos - the price remains the same.
I ensure you (in both ways) to get the best support and experience possible 
by giving you feedback on your exercises that you will send via email or messanger.

If I were to cancel the class I will ask you to choose another one. 
If you will not like anything else, I could give you a voucher for further workshop
or give you all your money back.

If you cancel the class (1 day before we start/after you get the pdf.s)
for any reason, I can offer you a voucher of a 20 % amount of the class
for another workshop. 
If you cancel in the middle of a workshop - in case of Force Majeure
I will offer you to join to the next class in the near future with the same topic.

Here you can sing up for Zoom