Libra Autentica

We are two enthusiasts in the field of writing and bookbinding.
Together we created our Museum Libra Autentica which is devoted to people who love Calligraphy and Books from all around the world.
We are planning to find a home for it, so we decided to start fundraising... 

Have a look in our museum

Here you can see some beautiful exhibits that still work!

During his long journey, Igor collected and bought a lot of vintage bookbinding devices that were meant to be sold to foreign countries. Fortunately, from the various old bookbinding workshops that closed their doors due to industrialization he managed to keep priceless cultural heritage of national importance "at home".


We are still searching for a suitable home for all these vintage exhibits: drawers with movable letters and engravings that are more than 250 years old, old devices - cutting, presses, gold printing, machine for folding... so that they can blossom in all their beauty.

Calligraphy part

I will add a calligraphy touch to the museum - from the Romans onwards, as my place Vipava Valley boasts a rich history from this period. I have a lot of references on a heritage field with various facsimiles of documents that I created for the Archives of Slovenia, the Museum of Celje, Rajhenburg Castle, the Museum of Christianity in Stična... 

Museum's content

In the museum, we will demonstrate various calligraphy skills (preparation of pens, production of ink, writing on parchment, illumination - decorating initials)
Display of bookbinding work in different periods (Coptic binding, early Christian binding...)
Demonstration of parchment production
Display of handmade paper
Annual exhibitions of calligraphy and bookbinding
Workshops on bookbinding, gold printing, making miniatures

Loredana Zega & Igor Kužnik

About Us

We are living our dreams.
Igor is an expert in the restoration of archival material and all the techniques that go with it. He has been engaged in bookbinding all his life.
And I have been a calligrapher for over 22 years. I traveled the world, taught calligraphy and created multimedia performances with music and dance, and created copies of documents for our eminent institutions in the field of cultural heritage.